Ken Quine

Ken Quine has long been an island favourite and remains so today. Ken Quine himself opened the shop nearly a century ago and it has continued to grow along with Port Erin and the Isle of Man. Although Ken has sadly passed away, his name and indeed his legacy has lived on, continuing to grow under various owners. Precious little is known about the shop in the early days and we would be most interested to hear from you should you have any information or perhaps pictures that would help to paint the historical picture of Ken Quine. Despite this, it is clear that the magic of Ken Quine has survived the test of time; the name of the shop never changing despite numerous changes in ownership is testament to the important place that the shop holds within the local community. It is this that the current guardians of the Ken Quine legend are so keen to preserve.


Mission Statement

Ken Quine online shops seeks to bring ethical produced products that benefit the producer and the consumer in equal balance. We strive to offer a quality personal service, where all interactions whether by customers or supplies feel empowered and invigorated by the experience.